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A Quick Guide To Using Your Pool’s Pump To Determine Why Your Pool Is Losing More Water Than It Should

Given that your pool probably has about 13,500 gallons of water, by the time you notice that the water level is not what it should be, the financial repercussions of that loss can be significant. In order to control the loss and prevent unnecessary expenses, it is best to know what problems to check for when […]

Top 3 Kitchen Renovation Tips

Are you tired of your home feeling like it was last updated during the Cold War? Are you thinking about starting in the kitchen so that you can install more modern decor and appliances, but you’re not quite sure where exactly where to begin? Updating and renovating your home can be exciting. No longer will […]

How to Clean Mildew From Your Aluminum Gutters

Mildew can stain your aluminum gutters, detracting from the beauty of your property and reducing your home’s curb appeal. This problem can be tough to remove with standard soapy water. To do a proper cleaning job on your gutters, you’ll need the proper materials and elbow grease. Distinguish Mildew from Dirt Dirt is much easier […]

How To Easily Adjust A Sticking French Door

Since most French door frames are made entirely out of wood, it is not uncommon for the wood to swell when it gets really hot or humid outside. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to both open and close your French doors when it swells. Here is what you need to do if your French doors […]

Why You Shouldn’t Close Your Vents

Your home may come with HVAC vents and you may think that these vents are a useful way to stop heated air from entering certain areas of your home. For instance, you may not want heat to travel into the kitchen when you’re using your oven, which would heat up the kitchen anyway. However, this […]