Recycling Services In Anaheim Accept Metal Cans, Plastic Bottles And Other Materials

17 January 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Most people have at least some things around the house that should be recycled. Sometimes these items are not to be thrown into the trash even though a recycling center will not pay money for them. Scrap metal items actually are worth some cash at certain Anaheim recycling services center, like Sunwest Metals Inc. Many individuals save up aluminum cans and bring full trash bags of them to recycling facilities and get cash on the spot. Anaheim recycling services may charge a small amount of money to dispense with certain items. Window air conditioning units and videocassette recorders are examples. The facility also may charge a very small fee for equipment such as old TV sets and computers. Common consumer goods include beverages in plastic and glass bottles, food in metal cans and frozen dinners packed in lightweight cardboard boxes. Paper items that arrive in the mail, including catalogs, newspaper shopper's guides and advertising brochures, are recyclable. So are corrugated cardboard boxes. All these items should be recycled so they do not add to the trash burden in the country. A recycling center may require people to rinse out the bottles, cans and other food and beverage containers before dropping them off at the center.