Take These Steps To Keep Your Basement Dry When Building Near Water

18 November 2016
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Building a home near a body of water can certainly be enticing. As the home is built, you'll undoubtedly be thinking forward to quiet evenings spent sitting on the dock or laughter-filled afternoons spent swimming and boating. Although living near the water provides many perks, it can also present you with the risk of a flooded basement when the body of water rises during the springtime. When you're meeting with your building contractor to go over the plans for the home, it's important to ensure that several steps are taken to prevent water from seeping through the foundation and flooding the basement, causing considerable damage. Here are some things to ensure that your builder will do.

Treat The Foundation With A Waterproofing Product

In cases where the yard is saturated, a regular foundation may not be enough to keep water out of your basement. It's important that your building contractor plans to treat the foundation with a waterproofing product. There are many products that can be either sprayed or rolled directly onto the foundation to increase its impermeability to water. Or there are waterproofing products that are applied in large sheets to the foundation, thus providing an extra layer to keep the water out of your basement. Talk to your contractor to get his or her preferred methods of waterproofing the foundation.

Install The Right Basement Windows

Basement windows can allow water to flow into your basement. When your yard is flooded, the moisture can easily slip between the windows and the foundation and cause water damage inside your home. Talk to your building contractor about installing the right windows based on your close proximity to the water. He or she will advocate the use of high-end windows that are resistant to water, as well as suggest the careful installation of window wells made of water-resistant materials that will keep water away. 

Have A Sump Pump Installed

A sump pump is a necessity for any home that is located near a body of water. It will pump water away from the home and reduce the risk of flooding if it is properly installed in your basement. Talk to your building contractor about the best size of sump pump based on the probability of the water rising. You may also wish to budget for a backup sump pump. Many homeowners keep a backup device handy in their basement so they can replace the main device in the event of a breakdown during wet conditions outside.

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