Pros And Cons Of Glass Shelves In Your Kitchen Cabinets

24 January 2018
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With enclosed kitchen cabinets, it's conventional for the shelves to be made of wood, MDF, or some other comparable material. However, when you get cabinets with glass panels in the doors, you have a little more flexibility when choosing your shelf material. Some homeowners who are planning a kitchen renovation like to use glass for the shelves, and this might be an option that you're considering if you're in the early stages of organizing a kitchen makeover. Before you move forward, you'll want to evaluate the pros and cons of using glass shelves in your kitchen cabinets.

Pro: Offers a Light Look

You don't usually want the upper kitchen cabinets to feel heavy and daunting — and that's why glass panels in some of the cabinet doors can be handy. If you further want to explore a lighter look and feel, glass shelves are a good idea. Their transparent nature means that they essentially disappear from sight, which serves as a nice contrast to shelves made of wood or other materials that look heavy.

Con: They Can Be Loud

You may notice that when you're placing plates, serving vessels, glasses, and other kitchen items onto the glass shelves, they make an audible "clink" sound. Conversely, wood or MDF shelves might make a bit of noise, but are usually quieter than glass. If you're someone who wishes to move around the kitchen with minimal noise, the sound each time you place items on the shelves might be too loud.

Pro: It Can Be Easier to Identify Upper Items

Unless you're of above-average height, you might struggle at times to identify items on the upper shelves of your kitchen cabinets. For example, if you're looking for a kitchen item that you've misplaced, it might be difficult for you to see from below if it's hiding at the rear of an upper shelf. Solid shelves make identifying such items impossible, but you'll find that you can see things from below with glass shelves.

Con: You Might Pay More

Although different kitchen contractors charge different prices based on what their suppliers charge them, it's common for glass shelves to cost more than those made of other materials — especially lower-cost materials such as MDF. If you're wanting to keep your kitchen makeover within a certain budget, it's a good idea to have your contractor price out glass shelves and shelves made from other materials; the latter may be more cost effective for you.

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