Is An Inspector Coming To Your Construction Site? Rent A Construction Dumpster To Keep Them Safe

4 June 2018
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Inspectors are necessary for ensuring that your construction job is following all rules and regulations and to ensure it is safe for visitors and others. However, a cluttered and dirty construction safe is very unsafe and may put the health of your inspector at serious risk. Even worse, it could cost you money in a lawsuit if they are injured. As a result, it is critical to rent a construction dumpster.

Cluttered Construction Sites Are Dangerous

A cluttered construction site presents a wide range of dangers that could seriously affect the health and well being of your inspector. For example, they could end up:

  • Stepping on a nail
  • Tripping over a board
  • Running into an operating tool
  • Getting shocked by cluttered wires
  • Slipping off a ladder

In most cases, this inspector is going to have a real good personal injury case against you, particularly if your site was cluttered and you did nothing to clean it up. Understanding why a job site gets so cluttered can help you address this situation quickly and efficiently.

How Construction Sites Get So Cluttered

During an average day on a construction site, there are a thousand ways that clutter can occur. It is impossible for one or even multiple foremen to track all of this clutter. It usually occurs because your workers have nowhere to place their garbage, including:

  • Broken nails
  • Extra shards of wood
  • Meal wrappers
  • Drink bottles or cans
  • Extra sealant, glue, or concrete

As a result, it is very easy for a site to get cluttered and put your inspector at a serious risk. Thankfully, it is possible for you to clean up this site and avoid serious repercussions by renting a construction dumpster, such as from Pro Star Roll Off Dumpsters, that your workers can use for their waste.

Why Construction Dumpsters Are A Great Investment

A construction dumpster is delivered to your job site at the beginning of the gig and stays there until you call somebody to remove it. As a result, it creates a great place for your construction workers to throw away their trash and other types of construction site clutter. This step helps to eliminate the kind of clutter and trash that is so common on these sites.

As a result, you can show inspectors and other professionals around without having to worry about broken nails going through anybody's foot. You can also avoid getting a fine for a cluttered and unsafe construction site. Inspectors can ticket you in this way and cost you a lot of money if you aren't careful.

So if you are running a construction site, you need to take time to address job-site clutter by renting a construction dumpster. This process is one that you and your construction workers will appreciate because it will keep you safe from dangerous situations.